An Extreme View of Extremists

Posted on November 14, 2015


Since anything resembling MAN has walked the earth Religions have been created to answer questions, fill voids, and assuage fears. They’ve developed, evolved and devolved. They’ve believed in one thing, and then another. It’s no surprise that Religions and GODS are created in Mans image. People create GOD and Religions. People think of them and organize around whatever they choose to believe, based on whatever they base it on. But keep in mind, Antiquities’ Prophet might be Modernity’s Mental Illness Patient. Or not. Whatever. I don’t know. YOU don’t know.

What MUST be evident and accepted is that when anyone believes that their ONE WAY is the ONLY way – and that others must suffer for not embracing it – the people with and acting upon those beliefs are not the Deities they claim to serve. They are human (they are often inhumane) but they are human. They are fallible. And they frequently fail based on the teaching (sometimes the rantings) of a few who have worked themselves up into a self-righteous lather that has been spewed from a pulpit built of self-serving delusions.

This isn’t isolated to just Islamic extremists. Look here in the United States at the abuses (physical and emotional) heaped on others by the far right wing extremists calling themselves “Fundamentalist Christians”, or “Mormons” or “Jews” or “Scientologists” etc., etc., etc. As an accepted tenant of Greek Drama audiences knew that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. And lest you think Politics isn’t a religion of sorts – I urge you to think again. What far too many Extremist Politicians want is absolute power: over your wallet, your mind and your body. Think about that when they tell you “This is an acceptable wage for you”, “This is an acceptable relationship between two people”, “This is an acceptable means of determining the size of your family” – laws be damned.

Extremists want it ALL. And murderous extremists like those in Paris last night, who get so worked up that they kill themselves along with the people they seek to control, are only one example. THE ENEMY IS WITHIN. YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN I. I AM NOT BETTER THAN YOU. SHARE BELIEFS, BUT FIGHT THE NEED TO TELL OTHERS WHAT TO THINK AND HOW TO LIVE. THAT IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO THIS MADNESS.

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