Seizing Your Own… it feels good, so do it.

Posted on September 1, 2011


There are times when anyone with an ounce of creativity in their blood simply feels like they’re not doing enough. I have friends in all ends of this business called “show” who bitch and moan that they have nothing going on, they see no prospects and they don’t know what to do. My answer to this dilemma is, create your own opportunities and seize them!

Case in point:
I have a dear friend, Teri Gooden, who owns her own catering business: In Good Taste LA. She is one of the foremost on-set caterers in Los Angeles. She caters many of the shows you see in prime time, as well as major parties for the larger media outlets, events, and some more intimate occasions as well. In this one instance, she was asked to create a dream proposal for a young couple. The groom-to-be was nervous but determined to do something amazing. Teri, knowing I was feeling a little unfulfilled at the time asked me if I could help her make an event out of it.

She set a magnificent table that featured crystal napkin rings bearing the couple’s initials, and  matching candle sticks. There was also a custom floral arrangement, as well as linens in an elegant white brocade. In the kitchen she created heart shaped salmon tartare layered over a magnificent avocado salad, and ripe strawberries dressed in white and dark chocolate tuxedos. For my part, I created a path of red roses, bordered in white roses that was lit by white candles floating on red rose petals that would lead the bride to the perfect spot for the proposal. The cameras (both video and still) were given specific places to stand so they would be as “invisible as possible”. The bride was truly surprised, and she didn’t know that the groom had actually purchased the house for her that very day. While they’re speaking Russian in this video, I’d like to believe we pretty much know everything they’re saying.

I am of the belief that if you have a camera, you can create something that will last forever. The video below is what we did (and presented to the happy couple). We put it together thinking we might pitch a reality show about proposals of all kinds. The couple selected the music that underscores this video, which will commemorate this beautiful moment forever.

If you are looking to amp up a special moment, it only takes a little imagination and a little help from your friends.
If you’re looking for an amazing caterer in the Los Angeles area, contact Chef Teri Gooden at

Teri and I... it was nice.

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